What Makes BeeSafe Lawns Different?

Why Organic

We believe that successful “organic lawn management” begins and ends with soil biology!

In order for plants to thrive in the face of environmental extremes the soil profile supporting that plant must contain a diverse population of beneficial soil microorganisms.

These microscopic wonders are “nature’s life support system”. They improve nutrient availability, enhance nutrient absorption, reduce the incidence of nutrient leaching, stimulate healthy plant growth, improve the soil structure and provide plants with increased resistance to environmental extremes such as drought, heat, cold and foot traffic.

Attempting to implement an organic program without addressing soil biology is a recipe for disaster…...... you must feed the soil!

All BeeSafe products feed the soil through the introduction of select beneficial microbial species allowing them to facilitate the natural processes inherent to healthy plant growth. We blend a diverse array of beneficial soil microorganisms with natural plant extracts and organic nutrients to create microbial systems. These natural systems simultaneously feed the soil and the plant, which allows plants to grow to their full genetic potential.

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What Makes  BeeSafe Lawns Different?