Options Check

Use of_get_option($id,$default) to return option values.

Basic Options

type: text (mini)
of_get_option('example_text_mini'): no entry
type: text
of_get_option('example_text'): no entry
type: textarea
of_get_option('example_textarea'): no entry
type: select (mini)
of_get_option('example_select'): no entry
type: select2 (wide)
of_get_option('example_select_wide'): no entry
type: select
of_get_option('example_select_categories'): category id = no entry
type: select
of_get_option('example_select_tags'): term id = no entry
type: select
of_get_option('example_select_pages'): page id = no entry
type: radio
of_get_option('example_radio'): no entry
type: checkbox
of_get_option('example_checkbox'): no entry

Advanced Options

type: uploader
of_get_option('example_uploader'): no entry
type: image
of_get_option('images'): no entry
type: multicheck
of_get_option('multicheck'): none

The array sent in the options panel was defined as:
Array ( [one] => French Toast [two] => Pancake [three] => Omelette [four] => Crepe [five] => Waffle )

You can get the value of all items in the checkbox array:

You can also get an individual checkbox value if you know what you are looking for. In this example, I'll check for the key "one", which is an item I sent in the array for checkboxes:

The value of the multicheck box "one" of example_multicheck is: no entry

type: background
of_get_option('background'): no entry
type: colorpicker
of_get_option('colorpicker'): no entry
type: typography
of_get_option('typography'): no entry


type: editor
no entry
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